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Custom Airborn Discs

Variety of discs stamped with unique artwork from Airborn.


  • 400g A4 173-174g

    Choose from Blue 174g or Grey 173g. Prodigy 400G A4.
  • 400S Pa3

    Hot Pink Prodigy 400S Pa3, 170g.
  • A2 300S S.E.

    Prodigy 300S Special Edition A2. Available in black or grey with various shading.
  • Airborn Owl Atom Electron 172-173g

    Choose from Soft or Firm! Airborn Owl MVP Atom Electron 172-174g. Available in Light Blue with Black Rim, stamp color may vary. Straight Flying Putt/Approach 3-3-0-1.
  • Airborn Owl C-Line FD3 175g

    Choose from Orange or Yellow! Discmania C-Line FD3 175g with Light Blue Airborn Owl. Flight Numbers 9 4 0 3
  • Airborn Owl C-Line MD 180g

    Discmania C-Line MD 180g with Yellow Airborn Owl. Flight Numbers 4 5 0 0.
  • Airborn Owl C-Line MD4 180g

    Discmania C-Line MD4 180g with yellow Airborn Owl. Flight Numbers 5 4 0 3.
  • Airborn Owl C-Line PD 175g

    Choose from Orange or Green! Discmania C-Line PD 175g with Silver Airborn Owl. Flight Numbers 10 4 0 3.
  • Airborn Owl C-Line PD2 175g

    Discmania C-Line PD2 175g with light blue Airborn Owl.
    Flight numbers 12 4 0 4
  • Airborn Owl D-Line P2 175g

    Discmania D-Line P2 175 with white Airborn Owl. Flight Numbers 2 3 0 1.
  • Airborn Owl Inertia Neutron 173-175g

    Choose from White or Black! Airborn Owl MVP Inertia Neutron. Stamp color may vary. High Speed Understable Distance Driver 9/5/2/-2.
  • Airborn Owl Matrix Neutron 174-175g

    Choose the color and weight! Airborn Owl on MVP Matrix Neutron 174-175g. Overstable Midrange 5/4/-1/2

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