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Custom Airborn Discs

Variety of discs stamped with unique artwork from Airborn.


  • Earth Day Monarch Pinnacle Rival

    Choose from Pinnacle, available in a variety of colors and weights! Earth Day Monarch on Legacy Pinnacle Rival, 166-168g or 175g. A portion of this sale will benefit the Monarch Butterfly Garden Grant Fund, giving schoolkids the opportunity to help the butterfly population. Thank you!
    $15.99 save 19%
  • Earth Day Tiger Salamander Spectrum 400 Pa3

    Earth Day Tournament Fundraiser Tiger Salamander on Prodigy Spectrum 400 Pa3. Assorted colors will be chosen at random but we will do our best to honor any requests. Thank you!
  • Falling Seeds Champion Firebird 175g

    Blue with Gold Shatter stamp, Innova Champion Firebird 17g
  • Falling Seeds Champion Roc3 176-177g

    Merlot with Blue Shatter stamp Innova Champion Roc3 176-177g.
  • Falling Seeds Champion RocX3 180g

    Orange with Green Shatter stamp, Innova Champion RocX3 180g.
  • Falling Seeds Champion Teebird 175g

    Red with Blue Shatter stamp, Innova Champion Teebird 175g.
  • Falling Seeds Champion Thunderbird 175g

    Yellow with Red Shatter stamp, Innova Champion Thunderbird 175g.
  • Falling Seeds Dx Aviar 175g

    Orange with Jellybean stamp Innova Dx Aviar 175g.
  • Falling Seeds Dx Roc 180g

    Yellow with Blue Stamp Innova Dx Roc 180g.
  • Falling Seeds Star Boss 175g

    Yellow with Red stamp Innova Star Boss 175g.
  • Falling Seeds Star Destroyer 175g

    Red with Silver Shatter Innova Star Destroyer 175g.
  • Falling Seeds Star Shryke 175g

    Orange with Gold stamp Innova Star Shryke 175g.

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