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Prodigy Disc Fairway and Hybrid Series


  • Circular Seeds Bottom Stamp 400 F5

    Choose your weight and color! Blank Top Prodigy 400 F5 w/ Circular Seeds bottom stamp.
  • Full Color Bengal Tiger on 400G Prodigy H3

    Choose from White 173-175g, or Gray 172-173.
  • H3 V2 400 173-176g

    Choose from a variety of colors and weights. The new Prodigy 400 H3 Version Two is quickly catching on as a game changer. Thank you!
  • Kevin Jones Signature Series Spectrum M3 and H2

    Choose from H2v2 or M3 Spectrum 750. All discs are near max weight, colors vary. Thank you!
  • Majestic Bear D Roach 173-174

    Tournament Fundraiser 2018 Majestic Bear on Discraft D Roach. Available in Blue 173-174g, stamp color may vary. Thank you!
  • Native Hunter 400G H3 171-172g

    Prodigy 400G H3 155-157g with big stamp Native Hunter. Stamp Color May Vary.
  • North King Legend Mongoose

    North King Legend Mongoose

    King of the North, Legacy Legend Mongoose 172-174g. Available in blue, stamp color may vary. Thank You!
  • Prodigy H3, Green, 400G, 172-173g

    Prodigy H3, Green with black stamp 400G, 172-173g
  • Prodigy H3, Yellow, 400g, 170g

    Prodigy H3, Yellow, 400g, 170g Stock Stamp
  • Snowy Owl 400G F5 159g

    Choose from a variety of colors! Snowy Owl on Light Weight Prodigy 400G F5.
  • Snowy Owl Glimmer 400 F5

    Choose from Blue 173-174g or Yellow 172-174g. Snowy Owl on Prodigy Glimmer 400 F5.
  • Wolf King 400G H3 173-174g

    Wolf King 400G H3 173-174g

    King of the North, Prodigy 400G H3 173-174g. The Prodigy Disc H3 is a stable to slightly over stable hybrid driver with a little less stability and more glide than the H2. The H3 features a small micro bead that enables a pure flight line eliminating pitching from left to right. The flight characteristics of the H3 are extremely predictable.

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