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Midrange Golf Discs from Prodigy



  • 400 MX3 179-180g

    New Release Prodigy 400 MX3 179-180g. Choose from a variety of colors!
  • Cale 6x CCO 300 Pa4

    Cale 6x Cedar Creek Open Champion 300 Pa4 173-174g. Limited Edition Artwork by Les White. Available in white with assorted stamp colors.
  • Cale 6x CCO 400 M3 179-180

    Cale 6x Cedar Creek Open Champion on Prodigy 400 M3 179-180. Limited Edition artwork by Les White. Stamp colors may vary. Thank you!
  • Earth Day 2020 750 A3 - Orange

    Earth Day 2020 Prodigy 750 A3 173g with Australia black/orange double stamp.
  • Kevin Jones Signature Series Spectrum M3 and H2

    Choose from H2v2 or M3 Spectrum 750. All discs are near max weight, colors vary. Thank you!
  • Majestic Bear 400 A1 171-172g

    Tournament Fundraiser 2018 Majestic Bear on Prodigy 400 A1 171-172g. Choose from Light Blue or Orange. Stamp color may vary. Thank You!
  • Prodigy Proto M3 400S

    Choose your weight and color. The Prototype M3 was later named the M2. M3 is an extremely reliable mid range driver, designed to be slightly over stable with incredible consistency and control. The M3 mid range is good for all conditions and flies as well into the wind as it does with the wind. The consistent flight path of this disc makes it a favorite of the top rated players in the world. The M3 features the trademark Easy Release Technology.
  • Snowy Owl 400G M4 157-158g

    Choose from Pink or Green. Snowy Owl on Light Weight 400G Prodigy M4.
  • Will Schusterick Signature Series 750 Spectrum MX-3 178-180

    Will Schusterick Signature Series 750 Spectrum MX-3 178-180. Assorted colors chosen at random but we will do our best to honor any requests. Thank you!

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