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Putt and Approach

The PA series Putt and Approach discs are extremely reliable short-range disc golf discs.

All the PA series Putt and Approach discs are designed with a specific function in mind so that whatever angle you need to take to get to the basket one of these discs will get you there.


  • Airborn Owl P-Line P2 175g

    Discmania P-Line P2 175g with White Airborn Owl. Flight Numbers 2 3 0 1.
  • Banksy Balloon Girl Pa3

    Banksy Balloon Girl full color print on Prodigy 350G Pa3 172-174g.
  • Banksy Flower Thrower Pa3

    Banksy Flower Thrower full color print on Prodigy Pa3 174g, choose from 300 or 350G.
  • Buffalo Nickel Pa3

    Full Color Airborn Buffalo Nickel on Prodigy 300 Pa3 174g.
  • Earth Day Tiger Salamander Spectrum 400 Pa3

    Earth Day Tournament Fundraiser Tiger Salamander on Prodigy Spectrum 400 Pa3. Assorted colors will be chosen at random but we will do our best to honor any requests. Thank you!
  • Falling Seeds Dx Aviar 175g

    Orange with Jellybean stamp Innova Dx Aviar 175g.
  • Falling Seeds XT Nova 175g

    Blue/Pink with Rainbow stamp Innova XT Nova 175g.
  • First Run McBeth Z Zone

    First Run McBeth Z Zone 173-174g. Color chosen at random. Thank you!
  • Fly Man Flat Top Dx Rhyno 175g

    Choose from Orange or Yellow. Airborn Fly Man on Innova Flat Top Dx Rhyno 175g.
  • Focus- Airborn Jet Engine Jawbreaker 170-174g

    Choose the weight and color! Airborn Jet Engine on Discraft Jawbreaker Focus.
  • Handeye x Airborn Penguin- Judge

    Handeye x Airborn Penguin Collaboration on Dynamic Discs Classic Judge 173-176g, black stamp.
  • KotN D Magnet 175-176g

    King of the North 2018 Tournament Fundraiser Discraft Blue D Magnet 175-176g

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