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Welcome to Airborn Disc Golf

Airborn Disc Golf Emporium is a one of a kind disc golf experience, and pro shop located in ST Paul MN. Co-founded by the #5 ranked player in the world; Cale Leiviska of Virginia MN, we offer a diverse selection of disc golf supply as well as instructional and training tools to improve anyone's game. We offer both competitive and free weekly leagues, provide course design and implementation, and are working with St Paul schools to get discs in kid's hands.

We are proud to be a MN company and are excited to share our vision with St Paul and beyond. Rise up!

  • Featured Products

Featured Products

  • Cale Leiviska Signature Series Now Available- D3, F5, M4G, Pa2

    Cale Leiviska Signature Series- 400S D3, 400S F5, 400G M4, 300S Pa2. Choose one disc or purchase all four and receive free shipping! Weights and colors are unknown at this point, state your preference in the comment box at checkout and we will do our best!
  • Super Soft Long Sleeve Shirt

    This long sleeve is the softest shirt I have ever touched. Form fitting for the fit disc golfer. Airborn wings on the front and Seed w/ Saint Paul, MN on back.
  • X1 750 Proto 174g Blue

    The Prodigy X1 is an extremely over stable high-speed driver. It was designed for the strongest throwers and can withstand the highest wind conditions. When you absolutely need an over stable flight into a stiff wind the X1 is the Disc for you. The X1 is also very effective for sidearm and overhand shots.
  • Custom Airborn Minnesota M3 Ice 400S 179g

    M3 is an extremely reliable mid range driver, designed to be stable for moderate power throwers and for players who need a disc that will finish left (right handed throwers) with incredible consistency and control. The M3 mid range is good for all conditions and flies well in all wind conditions. The consistent flight path of this disc makes it a favorite of the top rated players in the world. The M3 features the trademark Easy Release Technology.
  • Gateway Wizard Airborn Minnesota Stamp 175g

    One of the most reliable putters in Disc Golf. This putter is used by all levels of players.
  • Limited Edition numbered set of 50 on Prodigy 400G D3, Banksy Baloon Girl

    Prodigy 400G D3 170-171g Banksy Baloon Girl. D3 is a very fast, moderately stable driver with a unique flight path. It is designed for all players and flies extremely far. What separates the D3 is its ability to flip up and then glide without the extreme drift to the right or the hard finish back to the left.